Let's Watch: My Own Worst Enemy

Christian Slater's new "Manchurian Jekyll and Hyde" spy show. Comments below the player:

Moral: Never Break the rules. Once you break the rules you can't go back.

Early on when Edward "awakens" the first time in Henry's bed and calls into HQ, the techie assistant next calls the boss and she decides not to terminate "Henry/Edward" (or "Edry" as I like to call him). That would have kept the whole ball from unraveling--if they had stuck to protocols. But then, we wouldn't have a decent genre show to watch at 10pm on Mondays.
And that's what we have here. It's a twisty little thing with lots of potential.

Arsenal closet, every mentally fractured man should have one.
"What a dick."
Don't touch my car, EVER.
"My name is Henry." "So you keep saying."
We don't know whats in the case. Honestly, do we need to?

Like most pilots, it moves fast, giving a clipped, stunted feel and the series will likely pace itself.
Uzi, the villain, far too conveniently believes in this craziness, and falls for a ruse I saw coming.
Star Trek computers. Too slick.
The chief's office looks like it belongs to a college dean. Different than other shows but it doesn't feel right.

What if another "office worker" gets in that special elevator? How many times you gotta ride that thing up and down?
When does this guy sleep?
To what end set up an entire life for the "Henry" persona if it only creates logistical problems, not to mention opening the door to all kinds of risks related to a spy having a family?
Can they keep it fresh, say, 13 episodes from now? (I hope so.)

How long before we get some split-screen scene where Ed and Henry share their Mind-space.
At some point down the line (season finale cliff hanger perhaps) Henry's wife, kid or grandmother will figure out this duality.... but that's ok, because as we know from this episode, the company can erase memories. So that will all be for nothing.

I'll be watching? Will you?

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