Bar Karma: I'm helping to make a TV show and YOU can too!

CurrentTV has a Sci-Fi show they're launching called Bar Karma and I'm addicted to it.
To making it I mean. Spearheaded by the mad genius behind SIMS Everything, the public. And ME. Well, nothing I've suggested has gotten Credited... YET. I've only been there a few weeks, OK? I'm trying! I'm there throwing my Ideas out there every day, getting good feedback and having a lot of fun. Cracked onto the leader board, I'm there so much. Oh you want proof? Pause the video below at 2:35 and you'll see me, dead center of your screen.

Technically, I was on TV, bitches.

Seriously, watch the video and go sign up - it's free.

More about BAR KARMA:

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