...it wasn't my idea, so don't blame me.

Yeah, I went to Newark, made some cool new friends, ate from Craft Services and learned that when I'm running out of steam, I sweat like a pig on a treadmill.

How did this happen? See, Bar Karma is the only show on television created and developed by an online community where, anyone who signs up can toss out ideas - and I've been doing just that for a little while now. There are some highly talented and crafty people there, most of whom, like me, are not "Real" writers. Just regular folks who love TV or stories. If that sounds like you,then you should check it out. At some point, the brave souls who run this production decided to take a chance on us, the creative community, by having us participate in a different way than usual. Which somehow ended up with ME on set.

Did I have a great time? You bet. Did I remember all my lines? Hell no. Did they help me out with that? Oh yes. So I can act? I wouldn't say that.The world will have to judge me, I guess. Did I learn any big-time storyline/mythology secrets? Well, not quite. Will I stop being so cryptic? Not yet. Will I tell you more? Yes - but not now. When? Hey, I'm supposed to keep things Hushy-Hush-Hush... But as we get closer I'll blog it up a little and after it airs I'll post a recap of my whole experience. Soooo, you're gonna milk this one for a couple of posts, then? Well, it's not like I drop anything here often anyhow, so why the hell not? I mean, this is officially the coolest thing that's happened to me. Now can I/you/we stop with all the third person type questions? Yes and please.

Please save any "Jumped-The-Shark" jokes... until after it airs, at least.
I can't wait to hear my thick New York accent on TV. Ugh.
Check out a little more HERE!

BAR KARMA airs Friday nights at 10pm on CURRENT TV, DVR IT!

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