"Why did I need coffee now?"

I can't stop singing this.

I already knew about the supper-funny kids at AutoTuneTheNews, at the YouTube account, Schmoyoho AKA The Gregory Brothers, but I guess I missed this one. I was going to post their brand new Charlie Sheen remix, "Winning" - which, BTW, I thought was the funniest and best produced of all of the Charlie mixes so far - but then I found this 3mil+ hitter, "Backin' Up"(yes, I am at least a year behind on everything). Good god, I think we've all seen this lady.

Watch this then go to The Gregory Brothers page for Sheen and more goofy goodness.

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  1. I too cannot stop singing this. Im having my morning coffee sitting at my desk and google "Why did I need coffee now" Black hoodie white hoodie! I think I need a doctor. Doctor Who?