Captain America Kicks (box office) Ass Around The World. Next Stop, JAPAN.

The HOLLYWOOD Reporter is reporting (reportedly) that Captain America: First Avenger is already making more money oversees than it did here. And Japan still has yet to see it.

Is this really a big deal? Well, ...meh.

What everyone will be talking about, is that the studio only had mixed expectations for international box office. The story goes that, a while back the studio suits were all "The world hates America so let's give international markets an option for another name, like Captain Avengerman, Stevie Freedom or something."

Now it seems it was all about nothing. Most countries passed on the name change (no one liked "FreedomLad: The Marvelous Avenger" anyway) and the overall response to the movie has actually been very good.

The article will give you all the real details, we could cut and paste it here for you, but that's what all the cool kids do...

We have never been cool.

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