Too Much LSD At The Ad Meeting

My brain can't handle it.

It's starts with KITT zipping into a parking spot, bemoaning a ticket and then this ad just unfurls into dreamy, nonsensical weirdness that leaves me baffled. I watched it a few times and I've concluded I don't do enough drugs to work in advertising.


The Muller truck turns into a robot that eats the COP. Spits out Yogi Bear.

Yogi is swarmed by pedestrians - who are then pelted with giant fruit - turning them into Mr. Men characters.

Crystalline Unicorns. Yogurt carriage. Wrecking ball. Muttley. MUTTLEY?

Then the HANDS OF GOD rise from a tub of yogurt and turn a storm to a rainbow...

W... T... F...?

Demented advertising genius or just pop reference regurgitation?

1 comment:

  1. Yup - it's demented. Good thing I'll never watch it again. Thank god for DVR!