The Top 10 Best "2011 Top 10 Best" Lists of 2011

We recieved this over the Tele-Fax at 3am:
"The following is as per the Internet Compliance Regulations Agreement, Section 8a, subsection G. You are hereby officially notified:
As an operating internet entity, website, domain or blog, it is such entities obligation to compile an End Of Year List, with no less the ten(10) entries, at least once every five (5) years in order to maintain an orderly and harmonious universe. Failure to do so would be very uncool."
How can we argue with that?
Now we understand why every one does these things. We thought long and hard on how to do a list no one else is doing and came up with the old List O' Lists angle. While we know it's probably not too original, we figure it's... "less done" than other lists. Here now, for you and you alone (unless you tell a friend) is our 1st annual...

Top 10 Best "2011 Top 10 Best" Lists of 2011

10.  The lowest position goes to ANY of the End-Of-Year-Lists (EOYL) posted on EntertainmentWeekly.com that suffers the notorious "Every-Enrtry-Has-A-Page-Because-We-Want-Click-Throughs" syndrome (a plague on wired.com and many other sites as well). As an example (and because we will use it as a comparison later) check out their "25 Best Movie Posters of 2011".  These kinds of set-ups force click-throughs for only a few sentences of content per new page.  It's can feel like little return. Why do we have it on our list at all? How else could we make this point if we didn't list it, and besides, there is a lot of GOOD stuff there. A list for everything (worst dressed character?). We love their content - we really do - we just don't like how they present some of it. Their "Best & Worst 2011" videos, i.e. Best TV Gross-Outs,  are very much worth checking out (but many of those were split into two to milk them, ughh) so we'll link to that:

9. Wired gave you the "10 Most Hated Movies of 2011" but right in the link code it's referred to as "Movies We Hated". So which is it? Do you speak for everyone or just yourselves? Regardless, it's  echoing a lot of talking points you may have already heard or even said yourself. (Also suffers a touch of "We-Want-Click-Throughs" syndrome)

8.  "We-Want-Click-Throughs" syndrome rages on, but Wired's POP CULTURES Best Of 2011 makes up for it by being good. We like this one because it covers many forms of entertainment, from Tom Waits to Game of Thrones to Doctor Who.

7. Look at this! Something other than Pop Culture?  Doppelganger-Earth, Higgs Bosson, 7 billion people: all made Wired's Top Scientific Discoveries of 2011: 

6.  Claim shenanigans all you want - our number five Best Of The 2011 "Best Lists" is... THIS! (Again we apologize for the whole Julia D. scandal)

5. The best Mixtapes of the year listed on Wired.com? That's cool/odd enough to warrant an entry on that alone, but the list is pretty damn good too!

4. Here's something different. It's a comparison of "The Best Reviewed Films Of 2011 Vs. The Most Pirated" and it's a very informative list. To us it seems the torrents love the stuff that's exactly in their demo. The funny part is the similarities between the lists....

3. Now this is how to present "The Best Movie Posters Of 2011". Pay attention to the differences between this list and the one from Entertainment Weekly and I don't mean the choices, either. Note: the posters are larger and in proper scale. Note: you will click 24 times less. Note: you are more  likely to read the comments. And, yes, it is a better list of posters too:

2. Know Your Meme: Best of 2011 - The video explains many internet meme trends that arrived this year, confusing anyone who came into it three minutes late.

1. The Annual 50 best websites of 2011 by Time Magazine. They post not only this years list but supply links to previous years. Their main page does indeed suffer from "We-Want-Click-Throughs" syndrome, but are you really going to sift through FIFTY sites that way? Nope. Because they were nice enough to make a short list:

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