TEN Cool(?) Things We Showed You In 2011

Okay, we're always saying how our Facebook Page is much cooler than around here, that's because we can upload to it on the fly and we constantly do. So as the year wraps up, we want to highlight some of our favorite hits since we started it back in august. We want to show what you might have missed and at the same time, recycle old content because we're green like that.

And lazy.

We also want to show that we're about more than just movie trailers and random links. So here's just some of the random links we showcased in-between movie trailers. Some of this will not be new to you, sorry. In no real order:

  1. Transgoformerbots
  2. Gay Zombie
  3. Darth's Got Talent!
  4. Batman Catches A Pedo
  5. Rosa
  6. Kermit Doesn't tip
  7. Welcome To Haxford
  8. DC Comics Relaunch
  9. Royale with Bert
  10. Cardboard Warfare

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