Happy New Year! How's your head?

While you were out trying to forget a years worth of mistakes by drowning in alcohol (ironic?) we put all this together for you. We kept it short this week. We can do that, ok?
Let's start the year with a bang! This looks sooo safe. I'm sure people for miles around are perfectly healthy to this day..... Reddit

Anderson Cooper had a run in with the Green Goblin and Spider-Man. Kathy Giffin spoke for everyone when it was over....

...by taking of her top.

The war ended almost as fast as it started: Verizon tried to charge some "Bamboozle Fee" and the world finally united together to take down this multi-headed beast. We should probably do that more often. Seriously. Witness a smidgeon of the power we wield, but only use when our wallets are at stake...  EW.com 

Did you party with these guys last night?

Who knew there was so much drama surrounding facial hair?

Superman's origin is getting retooled. Again. Little preview over at.... Wired

Jim Shooter, you know, the guy who had his first comic book story published when he was 13, later became EIC at Marvel? He's got his own blog where he dishes comic lore in giant heaping doses.... Jim Shooter 

Mr. Doob would like you to take a moment and enjoy some artistic.... Harmony.

Jumpin' Julia showed us this one mere momments ago. The Top Ten Most Popular People On Facebook. Who do you think is #1? Start guessing....

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