2011: MY year in MUSIC (NOT yours)

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In the following, ego-stroking listification, I'm going to highlight some of the music I found this year. For this, when it was released is about as important as who supplied the craft services the day they shot the video.

It's new to me.

Pandora and WKEXP and Real Human Friends are the responsible parties behind my "new music' exposure lately. Gotta blame somebody. Here we go, in no particular order except the last one, at 14 songs it's quite a mix:

"Take Time" - T-Bird and the Breaks
C'mon. You can't dig this? You gotta get right wit yo'self.

"Kiss The Sky" - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra, featuring Nino Moschella
The hook on this eats waaay into my head like some kind of infectious jungle worm and then the soulful pleading starts. Which is what I want in my music.

"Ring-A-Ding-Ding" - Tommy Sands
Ignore the second track here. Pandora dropped this from nowhere into my channel one day. It's such a silly, nonsense thing all I can do is mock it when I hear it. Sinatra does a version too. Although I'm surprised it hasn't popped up in a movie... maybe it has...

"Look What They've Done To My Song Ma" - Melanie Safka 
Our SuperFan Julia plucked this from her younger years to remind the world of it's simple grace. You may remember Melanie from that time she got a brand new pair of roller skates.   

"Ten Cent Pistol" - The Black Keys 

Grunge-blues like this don't come around often... and often, it ain't this good...

"Ghostwriter" - RJD2
Okay, so it like, three years old. It's still COOL.

"Deliver Us" - In Flames
 Oh you thought I lost touch with my rusted Heavy Metal roots? A bit, maybe, but I can't escape it. Besides, a Ferris Wheel hasn't been this hadrcore in ages.

"Cracks" - ft. Belle Humble (Flux Pavilion Remix)
There is a trend over this list, can you tell? Look, I know Dubstep has it's detractors but this one has a great balance and hook.  It's not just squeals and freq tweaks, well yeah, it has that, but I think there's a great amount of mood and angst in here somewhere. Or something.

"Stereo" - John Legend
Obsessing over gold-digging, celebu-whores never sounded like so much fun. The video's kinda cool too...

"Black Venom" - The Budos Band
Staten Island's ow masters of the very throwback sound that permeates this list.

"Short Change Hero" - The Heavy
This got a lot of play on TV commercials this year, nothing new for them, because they create with a sound style that feels undeniably cinematic. That it should easily be in a film or commercial...

"Satisfied" - Tom Waits
It seems Tom summons the spirit of Screamin' Jay Hawkins when he's all alone...

"We Swarm" - Glitch Mob - Beats Antique Remix
Our old friend Lauren W. put us on to this particular track. This live version of the remix has girls playing drums. Which is nice. Clearer version here, and the original here. For some reason, it reminds me a lot of Ronald Jenkies. Which means I like it. Late Edit: We forgot to tell you, this video from SuperFan LaurenW. !

Go It Alone - Beck
Lastly, my fave.
This bitch is funky, smooth and too cool for the freezer, baby. Who's to say it's actually the best out of all these? All I know is that it has been in my head EVERYDAY since I first heard it months ago. Enjoy this sweet Rotoscope (1900 frames = 4 reams of paper) video set to it.

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