MEANWHILE.... (1/8/12)

While you were trying to remember all the words to the Ma-na-Ma-na song, events transpired...
"Mom says we can't keep you... She's not mad you ate Dad, it's just... you're messin' up the furniture..."                 
This April 24th, the story of Roland The Gunslinger continues, kinda-sorta, in The Wind Through The Keyhole, a story "left out" of a much bigger story, The Dark Tower. This new story is the story about the time Roland told a story about the time he told a story. And a tiger. All of which, is just another story told by Stephen King. Read the first 5 pages HERE. 

The Walking Dead original producer, Frank Darabont left the show for what are still somewhat murky reasons revolving budgets and such. Now comes some interesting nuggets and downright full descriptions of the plan he had for the season two opener - from actor Sam Witwer and Frank himself... AintItCool

Her name is Heather Donahue, you'd remember her from The Blair Witch if we had a camera looking up her nose. What's she up to? Well, she burned all her acting stuff out in the desert, starting growing medical marijanna - and wrote a book about it called "Growgirl".... Reuters 

Don'cha need a bitchin' desk for your Dorkatorium? ....BleedingCool

Remember kids, always, always Know Your Memes, because knowing is... is... something...

Just in case you missed it, "A Huge Group Of Girls" rolled up on the scene and will surely be tearing up the viral dance floor that is the internet, because this is dead on:

SuperFan Dave T. passed the following video our way. It shows 3D printer technology in a splendid example of its versatility. But also, more recently costs have been dropping for smaller versions and many small businesses are now popping up that are actually micro-factories.
This allows us an opportunity to present THEORY#121: A day will come when you won't have to buy Cool New Things, you'll have a REPLICATOR in your house and you'll just make copies of the CoolThing your friend has... and then be sued by Crasftsman/Sears for pirating crescent wrenches thanks to the PPPPA (Product Printing Piracy Prevention Act of 2017). Damn you, lobbyists! Foiled again!

Certainly you know Freddie Wong? No? He makes some of the best videos on YouTube and you don't know him? Hmph. Well, he posts a new one each week and the budgets, guests and effects are getting bigger and bi--  y'know what? Just watch this recap of what he and his partner did last year:

Porn "Parodies" are all the rage now. Superheroes and anything dorky are the usual targets. Next up, STAR WARS XXX. Yup. The effects look pretty good. Here's a clunky, very SFW trailer....

Trailer for Thin Ice - What happens when your world is upside down and you try to fix it? Well, sometimes things get worse...

Best News Of The Week: The live action AKIRA movie seems to dying.... BleedingCool

OMG, BTW, FYI, The Classiest Girl Of The Week is... This Girl.

By Bill Sweeney


  1. A great report this week. The 3D printer is scary as they will start replicating themselves. It's SKYNET man!

    Star Wars porn? Don't want to see that as the lightsaber duel could get uncomfortable and definitley don't want to see anything without clothes involving a trench, a missile, using the Force, and a big guy named Wedge"

  2. Any movie with a golden robot with "P" in it's name is going to make messy porn. Forget the whole father wanting you to turn to the dark side thing.