STAR WARS TV: May The Patience Be With You

"Far, Far, Far Away..." indeed.

Star Wars is still coming to TV - but not soon. There's been movement on this project for ages, and it seemed like we were gettingthisclose to it happening, but we're going to have to wait longer. How long? A while. While out promoting Red Tails producer Rick McCallum, talked about this mysterious, "Underworld of Star Wars" show, how it's hyper-expensive and that the unsteady TV landscape, right now, is s risky place to drop a spectacle project like this.

Also note that many sites are calling this show STAR WARS: UNDERWORLD, but that's not quite true. Yet. "Underworld" is the working title that McCullum lets slip, almost dismissively, and as cool sounding and fitting as that is, we're not getting attatched to it just yet.

We also think that in order to properly honor the original Star Wars Trilogies,  they should air the middle episodes first, the first episodes next, and then never make the last ones. 

This comes by way of IGN.com

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