We Can See The Future...

... and it's not as scary as you thought.

As 2012 rolls on, we'll be slowly bringing you new stuff around here and maybe change some other things around. Breathing new life into this site is something that we've secretly been working on for a little while now and it's hard to say what will come when - except for the one we're unleashing today - so keep an eye out for all this delicious newness:
  • New Contributors - In 2011 we brought aboard our first new writer, the aptly named NotSoCrazy. Nothing has been the same since. In a good way. So, we've sounded the alarm again and a few brave souls have rushed forward to the front line. Armed with only their wit and wisdom to keep them alive, they will bring reviews and commentary from the trenches of Pop Culture. 
  • New Regular Features - This past year we not only introduced "THE NSC* REPORT" a comedic tornado of Newsy oddness, but we also started a run for the White House and kicked off  "MEANWHILE..." our half-assed, Sunday collection of Pop Junk for the week. We'll be bringing more of that kind of stuff this year. Just... less half-assed. Hopefully. What kind of new features? Well, that leads us to...
  •  More Involvement from you! - We're going to open things up this year and let YOU loveable scamps sound off - uncensored, unrestricted - about Pop Junk, This Site, just about anything really. The first way we're doing that is already running! We've added a silly little "Rate This" doodad at the bottom of the posts. We'll probably tweak the wording of that now and then, but it will always be "Horrible, Good, Awesome". One of the other ways starts today, it's called...
  •  And it's exactly what it sounds like! Get Involved! Tell us what to do! What do you want to see around here? Got tips or leads? Got pics of celebs snorting coke off a whores back? Send it to us! It's in our "Departments" section on the right for more info and to get started!
We're looking forward to a year of bringing new voices, trying new things, maybe a few surprises, but mostly, hearing from you guys.
Bill Sweeney

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