MEANWHILE... (3/11/12)

 While you were trying to get in the Guinness Book Of World Records for most revolutions in a chair using a leaf blower, we were walking around the internet picking up random things. You read this while we go wash our hands...

In Brazil things are so nutty they needed a Batman. Luckily, there was one hanging around... BleedingCool

....But, showing how it's really done, The Batman of Slovakia works alone. And is homeless... Reuters

Because he barely mattered in the '90's, BLOODSHOT is getting some "Let's make a movie about a property four people care about" type attention... BadAssDigest

Nick Offerman - Actor. Carpenter. Wood Artisan... offermanwoodshop.com 

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. Scientist. Muppet. An individual not above harsh sacrifices for science, he once volunteered his lab assistant Beaker for a Mars mission... BleedingCool

Let's see, ya got your Dead Zone.  Ya got your Negative Zone.  There's also the Phantom Zone. Just stay out of the KanyeZone, yeAH! 


Pixar to John Carter. Director/Screenwiter Andrew Stanton gives a great TED talk about writing and story. If your'e a writer, take advice from him, he's seems to know things...


Superfan Chad The Undead pointed us in the way of MISERY BEAR, now we point you. Start here, but there's a bunch more…

Superfan Julia
found this video this morning and we swiped it from her. We're sneaky like that. Don't like it? Get on your mother fuckin Bii-eeke.

Yeah your cat's cool. I guess. But does your cat use Sign Language? Doubtful...

Men. Women. You do know about Dollar Shave Club? Right? 

Reggie. Wise beyond words of wisdom.

That's a wrap!
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Tomorrow, look for our man Tango to drop a Mass Effect 3 review!

By Bill Sweeney

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