In the future, when I'm only alive because of a government approved, Kickstarter funded, medical insurance lottery, some snappy young kid will tug my sleeve and ask me "Bill, what was your Favorite Website before the goverment sold the internet to China to clear our debt?" And I'll say "What?" But my hearing will be fine (thanks to my iHear Ocular Mac from Apple), I'll say that because I'll be old, cranky and mean... and he's always bothering me.

Then I'll tell him, "Memepool.com, now go away!" He'll ask me why and I'll say "Because I hate kids. Grrrr..." and he'll say "No, no, I mean why was that site so special?"

I'll sigh. He could never understand...

"It was random. It was simple... Clean. It was beautiful. It was like someone was out there, scouting the vastness of the wastelands of the interwebs for you. Doing reconnaissance and reporting back about the things to be found out there, both useful and useless. It was a trove of categorized links that led to wonders, weirdness, and "What The fuck"'s. It was a great influence on me and inspired certain aspects of my empire of mediocrity.

"And then it stopped. The site stayed up, but whoever ran it just stopped updating. I speculated many scenarios. Time passed, the internet changed in many ways. Then four, very long years later, it came back. And it stayed exactly the same, uncluttered and unconsidered... and it was glorious, kid."

Welcome back Memepool. Don't change.
And please don't leave me again. It would make me a liar to that kid.


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