MEANWHILE... 4/15/12

Look what I found! STUFF! OOOOooooooooo! We got the newest SPIDER-MAN trailer, Sexy Rafaeli, BMX-DJ, Mecha-wtf?, AVENGER clip, Old News, Manufactured Celebrity, Ladylike Hysteria, Wonder Woman is Liz Lemonish, and probably other stuff too... Let's go!

Just so you know… they are still moving ahead with a re-make of SHORT CIRCUIT

Only in Japan: For the DJ on the go, these guys have inbred some bicycles with mixers and faders so you can multitask like never before!  More @ Wired

This is MechaWhales. I have no idea. Neither does it. Nor does Memepool.

The Avengers - Fight Scene # 126

Bar Rafaeli plays tennis. In her under pants. For a worthy cause... Advertising.

OLD NEWS: Hey conspiracy theorists, incase you didn't know, there's a giant hexagon on Saturn. For REAL and I don't think it get's enough attention. You want some proof of  Aliens? Maybe it's right ther--  HUH? What? …Really? Oh. Sorry guys, it's been debunked? But that shouldn't stop a die hard Theorist should it?

Wonder Woman's un-aired pilot.
Maybe if this was re-cast with Tina Fey and Betty White…. no. That wouldn't help. This was like the Invisible Jet crashing - a destruction no one got to see. Go to BadAssDigest  for a little background and to see BATGIRL's failed spinoff pilot as well.

Mad Forklift skills required.

This sums up sports for me
… kinda. Maybe not. I dunno.

Can CELEBRITY be thrust upon you
and your friends? Yes it can, and you can do it yourself! Just do it like these guys and in TEN minutes you'll be a STAR!

What's the Buzz on HYSTERIA
? It's the movie about the invention of the vibrator and it feels good…

The Amazing Spider-Man newest trailer: More action, more story, more Lizardy!

Or Maybe you like this one better?

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