MEANWHILE... 5/20/12

While you were digging out change from under your couch cushions to buy 1 stock of Facebook, I found randomness everywhere I went on the web. From criminal kids to Cat Organs, here's a bunch...

Teach them young and let them lead the way…. 

This is not the Bag Of Coke you thought it was…

You can't do it. Don't even try. At the 5:49 mark he explains it, then the big guy does it, but you can't…

If you ever wondered what went wrong with STAR WARS EP1: Phantom Menace, well lucky for you theres a video named just that:

But perhaps this might help too. or not. BUT NO ONIONS!

Oh, did you want to watch THE AVENGERS on youtube? Enjoy before it's gone…

Was that …a distortion effect on a TROMBONE? Yes, carry on indeed.

Paul Williams is indeed still alive. So much so, that he's the focus of a new documentary called "Paul Williams Is Still Alive". Though one can only wonder what he thinks of that tittle…

2 From the WTF? department:

Russian girls, y'know?

Lastly …. Dreams really do come true. Odd, warped dreams.

PRESENCE is a fun little Mockumentary about a haunted house. There's no embed for the video so go check it out at cavegirl.com and the return here IMMEDIATELY! Or not. No one can make you do anything.

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-Bill Sweeney

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