MEANWHILE... (5/27/12)

While you were out pretending you were not just "winging it" through life like everyone else, we siffted through the net to find you the coolest stuff. When we were done we had all this left over: Tarantino's Multiverse, Remember The Unrememorable, Clean up your mess, Bill Murray does it again, Dirty Grandmas, Zombies and Taxes, Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Marylin Manson Acts Like A Weirdo and MORE...

This should play before every movie not just the one for Aqua Teen Hungerforce:

Now, take a good
then look again.

Oh, you thought Quentin
doesn't do Sci-Fi? Well, …he doesn't. Not yet, anyway. But his movies do exist in Multiple Universes with two characters that can "crossover... QTArchive 

She's Tweeting her way to the top... Of Mt. Everest! -Deadspin

Memorable Bit Role Actors - Then And Now: It's like a cracked.com style list but on ...BusinessInsider? 

When serious people take make believe seriously you end up with things like a professor at Arizona State University's Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, authoring the paper "Death and Taxes...and Zombies,"  via -i09

An animatic from The Avengers… here!

Robber gets knocked out cold… and then cleans his own bloody mess…

BILL MURRAY is the supercool kind of celeb
who pops up behind regular people to steal a french fry off their plate, wink, and say "No ones ever going to believe you". So it's not hard to believe that he'd take a moment on set of a small production to give an autograph… but ended up with this instead:

Grandmas are not always
the wholesome little angels you imagine. Especially when watching Kim Kardashian do the only thing she was really good at…

Jersey Shore Shark Attack
looks so fucking bad even the SyFy channel wouldn't air it! Oh wait - they are…. 

Wrong Cops is a 14 minute, bent, weird thing that insists on it's own absurdist logic. I like it. I think. Here's part one, more are supposed to follow, where/when? Who knows? WATCH IT BUDDY!

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Bill Sweeney

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