MEANWHILE.. 6/10/12

While you were pondering the meaning of life, the universe and the ending of PROMETHEUS, we collected all this stuff and assembled it here, like an Internet Summer Yard Sale. Some of it's junk, some of it's tattered, much of it useless but hopefully something you like is on display, just don't try to talk us down on price: Too Much Bacon, Peaceful Panda, Don't Hate the Haters, Know Your Place, Your Kids Are Mutants, Naptime,  Bay vs. Mail, Franco Cries, Murray Gets Holographic, Mad Maxian Rampage, Diceman Sings, Hunka Burning Love, Spacey Throws His Voice, Mrs. Doubtfire Was An Obsessed Stalker and MORE!!!!!!

Yes. We know. It's ALL ABOUT THE BACON. Now I'm hungry...

likes to break the tension at Canadian protest rallies by doling out the hugs. Panda, you are a lovably righteous bear…

How to kill the infamous Youtube Haters? Kill them with song…

Is it Mime time? 

Know your place.... in the universe. You are in the middle, everything to your left is smaller than you, to your right everything bigger than you. You are a spec on a Spec.... scaleoftheuniverse.com/

This Car Wash is indeed, far too abrasive….

From the Learning Cool Shit Is Good For Your Brain Department
. It's a bit long so come back to this, but please do, it concerns your children and it concerns the fact that they are, in all likelihood, MUTANTS, in that they are potentially genetically dissimilar to us. And the signs are showing….

Speaking of kids…. Hey Parents! Have we got a product just for you!

You may have seen this.
This an entry to some Bieber contest and she probably won't win but she should. She's funny, cute, and hip to the joke. Almost three million hits and blowing up on reedit in four days is saying something….

Michael Bay gets his mail.

Geez, can't a guy have
a simple moment of heartbreaking truth and honesty?

In case you missed it,
once in Colorado, this guy Marv took a bulldozer and built his own fully armed, armor-plated assault vehicle straight out of the Mad Max design book. And then proceeded to tear down the town. Yeah, Marv had issues…

Oh so you want more destruction and chaos? Well, let's get you some ice cream instead…oh.

Andrew is gonna sing!

Always on the cutting edge of tech
, Bill Murray has a Hologram too…

Oh BBC, how you always outdo us with your highbrow entertainment that makes our shows seem pandering, exploitive and manipulative. Here now, is 13+ minutes from your classic "CAN FAT TEENS HUNT?"

We are the
generation of the unimpressed…. just ask Louis.

The mad genius behind Ren And Stimpy John Kricfalusi, has teamed up with  STUSSY to create a line of shirts but they also put this little guy together....

Burning Love is a "Bachelor" style play on carptastic dating shows. And it's pretty funny - Here's episode one (two is available): 

Kevin Spacey in a short piece called THE VENTRILOQUIST:

We leave you with this, Mrs.Doubtfire was actualy a creepy-ass horror movie about how far an obsessed man will go....

Mrs. Doubtfire (Recut) from Peter Javidpour on Vimeo.

Beware our FACEBOOK PAGE it is known to cause smiles, with occasional bouts of laughter, several times daily. Ask your Doctor if we're right for you.


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