MEANWHILE... 6/17/12

While you were trying dodge flying, $2,000 bottles of champagne, we found all these goodies just lying around. Happens all the time. On Sundays we toss them in the wash and then hang 'em here to dry: Morgan Himself, Youtube Haiku, Loki Impersonates, Super Slip And Slide, Zombie Related Cuteness, Mario In-Depth, Philosophical Question Gets Answered, Who Needs $40 Mil, Steve Like's Them Big, Modern Taxi Driver, "Masters" Of What, Big Bad Failure, Kevin's Back....

In a galaxy far, far away a epic, anchient war still rages on: cat vs dog

MORGAN does haiku. Well not really, but close.

But heck a robot
can do that…

Double heck, Loki himself does a few good impressions too…

Enough of that.
How about some more haiku? As in YouTube Haiku? These popped up on Reddit during the week and are essentially "The Best Of Youtube's 15 second videos". Within these two volumes you shall discover the secrets of life…

Part 1:

Part 2:

Slip and Slide.
And break your coccyx most likely - but it does look fun!

Who knew
a story about the Zombie Apocalypse could actually be cute and sweet…

An all new
perspective on Mario….

Inside of a live
mmo is not where one would expect a real good answer to a age old philosophical question… but it happens.

Steve finds the largest spider
in the world and plays with it. Fuck you Steve.

Archie is another guy
who just shrugs off what would crush others. Y'know like
losing 40 million dollars gambling…

Some movies can't be remade. Just can't. Wonder how Taxi Driver might look?

Another one from
those guys that makes a lot of sense…

The Big Bad Wolf
was ultimately a failure. He never got that Red Riding Hood. What happens after that? Obsession and regret are a bad mix. (Can you spot the famous voices in this?)

This guy is pretty good … I guess. Whatever.

45 minutes of bloopers from
"Whose Line Is It Anyway?", I thought it would have been funnier…

This should have put an end
to all the "enhance" scenes in movies and TV, but nooooOOoo…

Much like last week
, we wrap up with a short film featuring Kevin Spacey. Watch SPIRIT OF A DENTURE:

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