Meanwhile... (7/1/12)

While you were trying to regenerate your missing limbs using reptilian genetic material, we found stuf like this: Call Me Monkey, Birdsong, Hulky Doody, A REAL relationship, Fox stuck in time, Beauty and The Beat, Safety First, Weather Report, Death of Supes, Billy Asks, Bad Guy's View, Deadpool, Hot Shorts and MORE! Tap the keg and drink all this in...

When opposites attack! 

Best version of "Call Me Maybe". Ever. (So far.)

Let the bodies hit the floor…

Hulk make movement.

Chalk this up to skill…

There's more truth in this 41/2 minute clip than there is in a six month relationship:

Michael J. Fox just can't let go of the past. Or is it the future…

Beauty and the Beat. Belle moved to the hood. I wonder what the neighbors think.

I prepared refreshments! Yaaaaaayyyy.

It was hot this week! WHEW! Let's go to weather. Jim?

That was silly. This is sillier:

Remember when SUPERMAN DIED? Yeah, that didn't last long. In cased you were ever wondering what that was all about and if there was a reenactment avaiable… well here's this, featuring a little guest appearance:

Billy On The Street might just be my most favorite new thing:

Dora The Explorer The Movie would teach kids more than Spanish….

Ever wonder what really happens when you keep restarting from your last checkpoint?

That song by Goteyayyee is pretty cool right? Well, we need no more parodies than this one:

Here, try on these shorts…

On Sundays many people go to church. Don't go to this one....

Not sure how this will go over if you're not familiar with the Marvel character DEADPOOL (the merc with a mouth).  But he's basically un-killable and a notorious wise-ass with some delusional aspects. He breaks the fourth wall and sometimes a fit. Here's a fan made 17 minute thingy…

The Silent City:

The Lady And The Reaper

That's a wrap kids! Be sure to join us next week for more exciting thrills and chills and go see what we're up to during the week on Facebook!



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