The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (fan assembled) 25min PREVIEW

The Amazing Spider-Man has a ton of officially released preview material. Hard to say if it's the most ever, but it's certainly quite a bit, and a week or so ago, a movie Superfan named SleepySkunk noticed. He was on Youtube, combing through all the 30 second comercials, trailers, international trailers, 1 minute commercials, talk show clips, long and short, and realized:

"Waitaminute. There's so much material, I bet I could actually string this all together and get most of the movie."

He did it. He was right. And now there's hard proof that studio's are telling us way too much. The quality jumps a bit considering the sources and I guess it gets Spoilerish too... Hey, take a look for yourself...

What do you think? I think it's a good lesson for Hollywood marketing teams to learn from. You don't have to bath us in every awesome shot to show us how cool something is. We can tell. Weather assembled or not, true fans would track down and watch much of this material and may (or may not) then feel like they knew enough to maybe skip the movie. But if you guys held back, teased us... well, we'd be looking for more wouldn't we? And the only place to find it would be at the theaters.

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