MEANWHILE... (7/15/12)

While you were getting ready for the Anti-Apocalypse we found kooky-fun or cool-weird stuff on the web and brought it to you. Here. We do it EVERY SUNDAY. This Week it all sounds like a bad meal: Snakes! Bees! Piranha! Chicken! Clam! WTF?! A Lil' BREAKING BAD Pre-Game, and MORE! Let's dig in...

No matter what happens next, keep steering.


Let's get this out of the way. The STAR WARS Version Of "CALL ME MAYBE". It's clunky at the start but the hook it catchy…

We need something awkward
to wipe that away. Clam Eating Salt. Need I say more?


50 SHADES OF GREY - "The Musical" would be quite different if it were less about Loving The Book and more about The Dirty Nasty Story in the book. I'm sure broadway/Disney are working on it….

What if GAME OF THRONES was a show about a group of FRIENDS?

Superfan Jasmina brought this to our attention. Tsk. Poor, poor Chicken. He just wants to eat….

Ever wonder what the very first picture on the internet was? Well, prepare to be underwhelmed.

Got bee's? Got a vacuum?

One man's Dime is another man's two dollar find:

Looking for some new music? This list may help. It's got obvious hits, but you're very likely to find something new for you.

Warm up the giant vat tanks, it's time for a special BRAKING BAD Pre-Game video 3 Pack!

1) Walter White and Jessie Pinkman have had a lot of dust ups over the seasons of Breaking Bad, but what does Wally's side look like strung together?

2) I don't know if I'd watch a second episode of BRAKING BAD The Sitcom:

3) Breaking Batman:

Which segues us to this VERY SPECIAL Dark Knight Rises spot that appeared on Jimmy Fallon:

TOTAL RECALL (the NEW one) -  Here's a scene, truncated, from the remake starring Colin Farrell. Short, familiar and cocky...

CALL OF DUTY: Ridiculous Warfare

Rob Zombie's Woolite Commercial:

What does snake venom actually do to blood?

And that is a nice segue to The WTF's Of The Week:

First, this guy is the real Cobra Commander. He bitch slaps one at 2:12.

"Danger! High Voltage"

In Russia
, everyday is tale of survival….

"Rosana" by Wax - Some guys have it rough.

That's it boys and girls! Come back next week and in the meantime, Like us on Facebook, over 1,500 people already do.


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