MEANWHILE.... (7/22/12)

While you were trying to convert that silly "Unlimited Energy Source That Will Help The World", into a "Nuclear Device Capable Of Destroying The Exact Radius Of The City" you're in, well, we found STUFF! This Week: Coach, Killer Shrimp, Magic Pail, Un-Sweet 16, Bad Auto Repair, Just Chewy, Whale Appreciation, Chip Of The Old Ice-Block, Bat-Toys, Bad 3D and MORE!!!
Let's go surfin'....
When Mom's away the boy's will play.

Being Batman is not cheap….

But that Bat-Cycle
is worth every penny:

Reverso is a little something our friend Chad found.

Reverso from ArtFx on Vimeo.

If you've ever seen the horrors of a public bathroom, you understand that some people need a coach…

Amazon now offers "Yesterday Shipping"! Sure it's a little complicated but it's sooooo convenient:

Too hot? Cool down with this:

Saving a Whale and witnessing it's gratitude:

If you haven't seen it yet, this one's made the rounds recently. This guy finds a video he made when he was twelve, talking to his future self. So now that it's the future, he might as well keep up his end of the deal…

Every 3D movie is exactly the same….

All you need is Chewy, everything else is unimportant…

"Maria-Marie's Sweet 16" - Parts 1&2: Oh god. Mingk. Wha' da' fuck? (just get passed the opening segment)

Knock out time!

Halloween leftovers:

Who wants Pulverized Watermelon?

Speaking of "blasting away at food", here's a Pistol Shrimp:

Sniper gets taken out. He's head over heels about it…

This trash pail will follow your every move…

WTF Department Presents:

Yeah. This car is fixed. Much better now…

Maybe that guy should have pulled in here. Too busy? All it takes is 4 seconds.

Gangnam Style:

These young filmmakers are working on a movie based on "The Three Little Pigs" Here's the trailer:

Borrow and Bomb
- by "Off"....may just be the video your teen needs to see:

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