MEANWHILE.... (8/19/12)

While you were trying to get the Big Red Ball of life, I found all this! One of our best assortments in a while of knick-knacks and patty-whacks. THIS WEEK: A Red Band Trailer For TMWTIF, Burger Boy sings, Breaking Bad Characters, Richard Pryor, Louis C.K., Beer Gryilis, Russian High jinks, OMG Scully, Fly With A Falcon, A Spelling Bee and MORE!!!

Hottest meal review of the week:

Damn. Hottest jam of the week:

Richard Pryor runs The Star (Wars) Bar. This is certainly not Mos Eisley…


The Man With The Iron Fists
- Red Band Trailer. This is The RZA's writing/directing debut and he's got some familiar friends to lend a hand… which is good because a lot of body parts go flying.

Roughing it:

Louis C.K. for President, for his lion policy alone.

Breaking character.

In Agent Scully's defense, she has seen a lot of crazy shit.

Spelling Bee, bitches!

Eyes Of A Falcon.

We interrupt this column to show you some badass science. You might assume to be learning but so what? "SEEING" THE SPEED OF LIGHT - in action - IS COOL.

The following videos are from the department of WTF:

In Russia, rules are for nothing…

In most of Europe too it seems…

Love can't last forever… if it's not real.

From the Youtube description: this was the transition into the weather report during the commercial break on WSMV-TV, Channel 4 News in Nashville, TN. What in the ... ?!?

Planning for the future. It's all about what happens when, months from now, someone randomly says the "codeword"…


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