MEANWHILE... (8/12/12)

While you were working on not regretting a damned thing all this stuff was compiled just for you. This Week: Batman, Bane, Aquaman, Russian Fishing, Boats in water, NeverEnding Story and MORE!

BANE is the voice EVERYONE is doing these days and this guy nails it. Kinda Spoilery if you haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises yet….

But this other Bane video might be funnier. You decide. Stars Chris Kattan.

, here's a Graphic Novel reading list for the source material (more or less) Nolan borrowed from for his Batman Trilogy.

Whatever Dark Knight
, AUQUAMAN is cooler than you.

In Russia, we do not use pole to fish…

Look out London, there's a monster on the loose…

Every office
should have a TERRY TATE:

The Neverending Story
didn't end for them….

This is how big boats get in the water….

This is how some boats
get out of the water….

Damn it!
Don't feed it after midnight!

There's a CHAMPIONSHIP for THAT!? No one told me! I've been honing my skills for nothing all these years….

Healthy Bukakke… who knew?


See you kids back here next Sunday... unless of course you follow us on Facebook, in that case I'll see you soon!


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