RED DAWN Trailer Comes Out Guns Blazing

The remake of the first PG-13 film, 1984's American Teen Bravado classic, RED DAWN sat on the shelf for almost three years. The first trailer has arrived. Was it worth the wait?

I don't quiet feel it yet. The teen angst, or the intrenched patriotism, the sense of brotherhood. Red Dawn, or The Breakfast Club Goes To War may seem a little grander than it actually is when viewed through the prism of time, but at it's core it had heart. It could all be there, this is only the first trailer, so there is little to judge here. What I did notice though, besides a few clunky lines, was quite a few familiar story beats and that gives me hope. But be prepared for the watering down of any clear politics to be found within. The original kept the "big picture" stuff murky and they would be wise to do so again. There will probably be enough talk of "Hollywood Gun Violence" once this gets closer to release this Thanksgiving (Nov. 21st) as it is.

On our Facebook page, reaction to the film has been mixed. Points vary from "Here comes another unnecessary remake" to "This film concept doesn't work in today's political climate" to "Can't Wait."

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