MEANWHILE... (9/16/12)

Meanwhile, while you were telling kids how Pac-Man is kinda like Kafka wrote a Lovecraft tale,  we found videos! THIS WEEK: George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Gilbert, Conan O'Brien, Stan Lee, Batman, Deadpool, Leatherface And MORE!!!

We've all been waiting.
We knew it was coming…. Lucas has finally snapped.

Clueless Gamer
Conan O'Brien has been doing this segment for a little while now and it's hard to tell if he's getting... but I think so. Maybe?

Indiana Solo tells a joke.

reads for you from a modern classic. Hot.

Texas Chainsaw has dropped the "Massacre" but from the looks of things, it still is one. What's different about this rebootish looking version from all the previous ones? Um... It's got 3-D?

This cat got soul…

what if Lassie was a cat…?

Stan's got a different spin
on the F-Bomb.

should have ended.

What is Learned Helplessness?

- Gangnam Style is exactly that.

It's like a Hipster anthem. Kinda.

From The WTF Department:

Is today Game Day?
Well here's the New Touchdown Dance!

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