MEANWHILE... (9/23/12)

While you were trying to figure out the directions for the new baby, we repackaged some of the best videos we found. For you. THIS WEEK: Spoonfeedas serve up the retro, Eddie impersonator, PeanutFellas, Green Day don't play, Tenacious LSD, Hunger Games Redub, Crazy Stairway, Good Cop, Jason's day off and more! Can you dig it?

The band Spoonfeedas have a video for Attack of the Hadedas and it's a retro trip into the wood's of 1960's/70's shlock horror. Cheeseball fun with just the right amount of ridiculous, bands don't make videos like this anymore. Oh wait, this one did…

Eddie Bedder? No, but he certainly sounds almost exactly like the Pearl Jam lead singer:


Sometimes one Youtube video will lead directly to a unrelated video just as awesome.

Mean Green. From just the other day, Billie Joe doesn't like being bumped for user…

get redubbed with Bad Lip Reading. I say it's a vast improvement…

Stairway to WTF! Strap on you helmet for this one kids - and stick with it for as long as you can…

Status Kill is a reoccurring web series on MyDamnChannel. The Agent has his social media on a live feed in his head. But, y'know Facebook is full of vapid a-holes…

Which reminds me of this…

A Highway Traffic Cop
with ZERO complaints against him…. what?

Perpetual motion achieved?


We love Mario and Fafa. Here they tell all about Spam.

Jason's Day Off.

Add another company to your list of Corporations trying to take over The World:

Watch out for that rug.
This is a highly quotable 23 minute excursion into the mind of a man on LSD, courtesy the CIA. The test subject, Bill, besides having a splendid vocabulary, is an artist. Among the interesting tidbits, at one point early on, they ask him draw a quick portrait of a man, just as the trip starts, and then again later when he's tripping pretty hard….

Tenacious LSD?

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