MEANWHILE... (12/2/12)

While you were rounding up EVERYONE  to go get trendy massages we found all kinds of video based awesomeness! 18 VIDEOS THIS WEEK: True Geek, Get Low, Zombie Resistance, Los Abengers, Korn Meets Taylor, Kill The Mustache, Magic Bread, Coyote Wins, Sports Talk, Thisclose To Whales, Not A Crash AND MORE!!! Get into the fun...

Uh…. yeah.

How to make a modern parody.

The True geek speaks.

Coffee shop, a guitar, get low.

In the Zombie Apocalypse, you use what you know.

Here's how the long running feud would end…

Father and daughter and a couple of whales. What?

Thanksgiving may be long behind us but this is a nice get together:

Just a tiny, teeny-weeny misunderstanding.

A mini-doc on rapper Macklemore…

Be gentle when killing your stache…

When is a plane crash
not a plane crash?

Y'know how sports fans always say "We won" or "We really kicked that teams ass this week" or "We really've got to change OUR line-up?"

A very dubstep Christmas.

A flight attendant worth listening to:

Korn Vs. Taylor

Los Abengers

French Breakfast illusionist. Jump to about 3:26 and you tell me how he's pulling of this trick.


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