MEANWHILE... (12/9/12)

  While you were just sitting there, WickedTheory has been bringing you a bunch of Funny/Cool/Viral videos and links, Every Dang Sunday. Okay, almost every Sunday. We missed a few, whatever, get over it.  It's a rundown of vids we came across during the last week and we call it MEANWHILE.

THIS WEEK: Bane Outtakes, Best Of Carl, AVENGER TIME, A Unit of Measurement, How To Deal Weed, AK-47 vs. M-16, Kluge, Goombahs Side, Tiny Frosty, How To Un-Swag, AND MORE!!!

First, I want you to push the play button below and listen closely:

Carl Rocks Out:

Aw, screw it. Here's a highlight reel, Best Of Carl. Watch out for the dog.

How to deal weed. Aussie style. Not much different than 'Merican style.

"Gung-Ho" a member of G.I. Joe answers your gun related questions as only he can.

Goombahs see Mario a little differently.

Bane Outtakes
are packed with fiber.

World Smallest Snowman!
Oh snap! Science! "The snowman was made from two tin beads used to calibrate electron microscope astigmatism. The eyes and smile were milled using a focused ion beam, and the nose, which is under 1 ┬Ám wide (or 0.001 mm), is ion beam deposited platinum."

Gotta look like new, son.

Windows Music. This just goes to show that if you put any bloops and blips in the right order, even you can get the part started.

Kluge. Red bull loves to do things just a bit over the top. Like this Rube Goldberg-ian exercise in futility.

Maximus has some thoughts about football players, cocaine and killer robots.

Other things to say besides SWAG.

"Avenger Time"

WTF Of The Week:

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