FRESH POP - 1/25/13

Welcome back to our daily rundown of Pop News web links. We scoured the internet just to find pop culture related info that you might have missed while you were busy living life. From the geeky to the cheeky, from insane to mundane, foolish to cool-ish, we're serving it up fresh, just for you...

Today: Breaking Bad Talkie, A doc for Tim & Nic's Superman, Ant-Man & Dr. Strange destined, J.J. on TV, Game Of Thrones Pics, Damon's Revenge, Sisqo & Ebert, Stephen King on Guns, Gleeful Theft and MORE!!

Glee rips off a cover of a cover song with EXACTING DETAIL and tells the guy who made it he should be thankful for getting nothing. He also spoke to Wired all about it, who have both vids.

Stephen King has written an essay about gun control. He pulled his short story "Rage" off the market years ago because of the trigger it seemed to be - so maybe he has an interesting viewpoint? You decide.

Matt Damon finally got his comeuppance on Jimmy Kimmel last night. I saw it, it was pretty good. Here's a rundown/recap with vids.

There's a Kickstarter dedicated to making a documentary about the Tim Burton/Nicholas Cage Superman movie that never got made.

Sisqo and Ebert give a little thought to this years Oscar contenders.

Marvel Movie Boss wants you to know that Ant-Man and Doctor Strange are still coming. One day.

J.J. makes deals like you make carbon dioxide - constantly. Here's two TV projects in the pipeline.

Game Of Thrones released a ton of still pics to tease you, but they aren't very teasey.

Guillermo Del Toro talks about his real life experiences with ghosts. Really.

Breaking Bad only has eight episodes left for AMC to milk so why not do an "after show"?

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