FRESH POP - 1/24/13

Welcome back to our daily rundown of Pop News web links. We scoured the internet just to find pop culture related info that you might have missed while you were busy living life. From the geeky to the cheeky, from insane to mundane, foolish to cool-ish, we're serving it up fresh, just for you...

Today: JJ doing STAR WARS, See Ashton's Jobs, Rob Liefield wants Kirk, Goodbye G4, Inigo Montoya Flies, Justice League of Unsureness, Leprechaun WWE Style, The Office Camera, Darth Maul goes to Jail and More!

JJ Abrams will direct the next Star Wars movie, Episode 7. Because why stop at Star Trek? Control all the universes why don'tcha? The hate between SW fans and ST fans just got more complicated. Confirmed a short while ago by Deadline and others, the story was broken by The Wrap.

Ashton is Steve Jobs in "jOBS. Lowercase J intentional. Get it? Huh? Do ya? That's forced wit, kids. Here's the first released clip.

1952 is a mysterious project a Disney that wants you to be all into its mysteriousness.

G4 the network for geeks and pop culture lovers, is dead. I'll miss you G4, you did good.

Rob Liefeld is pitching the movie of Image Comics and thinks the new Kirk would make a great young him.

The Office has been part of some endless documentary, you'll finally learn more about that tonight!

Colorists of Comics are the unsung heroes of the industry and that should be dully noted.

Painting a picture of a photograph... is it plagiarism?

Inigo Montoya T-Shirt causes an uproar on plane. Turns out, some movie references are generational.

Justice League rumors can't seem to pin down the actual team members for the movie. Or have they?

The Leprechaun movies are returning and WWE Films is responsible. Makes Total Sense.

Darth Maul has been a bad boy and he's going to prison. Because that's what you do with bad guys.

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