FRESH POP - 1/23/13

Welcome back to our daily rundown of Pop News web links. We scoured the internet just to find pop culture related info that you might have missed while you were busy living life. From the geeky to the cheeky, from insane to mundane, foolish to cool-ish, we're serving it up fresh, just for you...

Today: Superman Rated, Bad Writing Advice, A Correction, Women In Video Games, Django For Sale, Dredd Makin' Money, Google Tells Off The Cops, Rare LOTR posters, Bilbo's Contract, Game Of Thrones and MORE!!

Bill Hader will NOT be in a Baywatch movie as we reported yesterday. Sorry. Oops. Correction.

Meme gets a movie. What? The Rock will produce. What? How the hell do I get a pitch meeting?

Judged Dredd is actually making some Maga City money - now that its out of theaters.

Lord Of The Rings super-limited posters from MONDO are insanely cool and available TOMORROW. They will go EXTREMELY FAST!

Bilbo's contract from The Hobbit has been over-analyzed by a lawyer!

Man Of Steel, sadly, will not be rated R - but what did anyone really expect?

Django Unchained toys were recalled.  Now they're selling for thousands of dollars.

Some really BAD writing advice from some really great classic writers.

Superman has had a lot of costumes. Luckily, one man has created a chart to keep track.

Women in video games suffer some of the worst stereotyping available. Here's 10 examples.

Google tells the cops/feds to get warrants when they come looking for customer info (sometimes). 

Game Of Thrones novella about the Targaryens coming from George R.R. Martin!

That's it kids, we'll have more tomorrow!
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