FRESH POP - 1/22/13

Welcome back to our daily rundown of Pop News web links. We scoured the internet just to find all sorts of pop culture related info that you might have missed while you were busy living life. From the geeky to the cheeky, from insane to mundane, foolish to cool-ish, we're serving it up fresh just for you...

Today: Beyonce Lip-Synced, Iron Hands, S.H.I.EL.D. Starts,  Batmobile Sold, Strong Bacon, GTA voicer opines about Violence, Arsenio Returns, So Does Arnold, Baywatch Movie and MORE!!

Beyonce totally lip-synced at the President's inauguration. Scandal? Not really. 

Arnold says he'll be back for, ugh, Terminator 5: Here We Go Again - but to me, it only makes sense if it's to play the guy who Skynet based the androids appearance on. I mean he's too old and frail to be anything else right?

Baywatch - The Movie? Is this a joke? No. But it is supposed to be funny.

Bruce Willis officially on board for Sin City 2.

S.H.I.E.L.D. has started filming its pilot for ABC and here are a few pics that tell you nothing.

Asenio Hall is coming back to talk it up, proving that 90's nostalgia is still going strong.

GTA: Vice City Stories voice over artist claims video game violence desensitizes. 

The Following got strong ratings so you're likely to be served more Bacon.

1966 Batmobile sells for big time Bat-Bucks. How much? If you have to ask you can't afford it.

Iron Man gauntlet - completely home made -and it shoots real lasers. Whaaaaat?

Larry Hagman died. So might as well milk that and spin it into a story line.

Ok kids, come back tomorrow for MORE!
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