FRESH POP - 1/21/13

Welcome to the very first edition of FRESH POP - a daily run down of pop culture and geek-ish newsy tidbits all poured into one easily digestible serving. From Movies, TV, Comics and other such forms of "mindless" entertainment (plus some random coolness), we're going to bring you the latest pop news worth knowing Monday through Friday, so let's get down to buisiness shall we?

In a small hint of what's to come the Disney/Star Wars "synergy" is creeping into ABC's land of fairy tales?

Sony has a unusual plan for PS4... and it's going to give them an edge in beating the next Xbox?

Mythbusters needs ZOMBIES. That's where you come in.

The Pulp Fiction Django Unchained connection is so minor, it would take very little to explain it.

ATARI's U.S. operations file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 

Key and Peele, the Comedy Central sketch show has no laugh track, thankfully, here's a little back story about that.

Foul mouthed "lost episode" of Dexter's Laboratory to finally air on cartoon network.

There was a time when it was perfectly reasonable to booby-trap your casket or grave site.

Are all 11 incarnations of Doctor Who getting together? It's starting to look more likely.

So what do you do when your ex-girlfriend steals your comic book collection? 

Lord Of The Rings fashions featuring boring stock promo images?

So how was that? What do you think of this new feature - totally cool or hot garbage? Tell us below and be sure to find us on Facebook and Tumblr!

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