MEANWHILE... (1/20/13)

While you trying to understand the complicated process of drinking from a glass, I found all these videos! A dozen just for you!

THIS WEEK: Arnold Vader, Mr. Rogers meets The Hulk, Popular Girls, The Walking Dumb, NFL BLR, BootyHole, Iron Man invades GTA4, Power Falcons AND MORE!!

Maximus Wants to get in the movie biz….

Mister Rogers visits The Incredible Hulk set - Ok, so I never realized what a strain on the mind Mr. Rogers was. It's hadrer to watch as an adult than Teletubbies, but at least he did cool stuff like this I guess. Part two is here if you can handle it

Arnold has joined the Dark Side:

The Most Popular Girls In School
- This is trending all over Tumblr like a… Popular Girl, actually. There are a bunch more episodes of this available.

NFL - Bad Lip Reading.
That tells you all you really need to know…

Show Me Your Bootyhole - by Saosin

- Loves Spaghetti

The Walking Dumb - Actually contains Spoliers!

Iron Man invades Grand Theft Auto 4 - These mods just keep getting better.

Power Falcons

Getting A Grip on yo' gun

WTF: Little Baby's Ice Cream

That's all this time kids, but you can find more vids like these in previous editions of Meanwhile - just use the tag below. As always, like us on Facebook and follow along on our Tumblr for two different flavors of pop junk and nonsense!


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