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Today: A Brief Rant - WTF Giamatti as RHINO, "1952" Gets A Name, Wonder Woman Denied Again, Gaga Gets Gouged, Britain Insists You Know Monty Python, Justice League Waiting on Superman, Malcolm Mom Breaks Bad - Maybe Not, Boy Meets World Meets Daughter, Wil Remembers Wesley and The Evil Dead Gets Rated!

Paul Giamatti in talks to play The Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 
(Ok, usually Fresh Pop is all short blurbs but I have to go on a rant, so please indulge me.)
This is bad. I can't wrap my head around this. In the following news brief, Paul is quoted previously as being a huge fan of the over-sized, over-muscled Rhino and how this would be a dream part for him. That's commendable. It's awesome that he actually read the comics growing up. But I.... I just... can't. For two main reasons....

Firstly, do we need two villains in this damned movie? Jamie Fox is already in play as a reworked Electro, who may actually have a touch of pathos, and that's plenty. This recurring idea that there must be two bad guys all the time, to me, stinks of studio-head muckery. It rarely works and this movie already has a lot against it for all the things that were wrong in the first one. These movies often suffer from hollow bloat when there's too much crammed in and why should Electro's on screen development suffer from lack of screen time?
Secondly, as much as Paul may love the character, it's kind of a goofball-ish second tier villain. He's basically the Juggernaut with a big horn on his head. I feel like if Giamatti wasn't attached to the charecter, we'd be talking about someone else. So how do you make that work with a "real World" aesthetic? Most likely, they'll strip it down, make him a Russian mobster in a CGI super suit without a horn, but then... it just kinda becomes moot. Paul is a superb actor, and I may very well eat my words by the time this hits theaters, but I'm doubtful. My instinct is that he is not the ideal choice for this. He is not physically intimidating. But ultimately, he wants to be Rhino and the studio wants an actor of his caliber in the film, so they'll just shoe horn him in - quality be damned.
 Rant over, back to the blurbs.

Badass Women of 1980's cartoons. If Punky Brewster isn't on this list, we gonna brawl.

Wonder Woman can't get a show off the ground no matter how hard she tries.

Sculptor gets internet justice over plagiarism and finds supportive backers. 

"1952" becomes TOMORROWLAND. But nobody really knows what it's about yet. 

Facebook enacts another lame attempt at looking like it cares.

Lady Gaga lost 156 million fake views on youtube.

Jane Kaczmarek better known as to you as the mom from Malcolm in The Middle will appear on Breaking Bad....

Then again, maybe not.

The Justice League movie will be on hold until the studio sees how the Man Of Steel performs.

Boy Meets World spinoff/update implies Cory and Topanga had sex by casting daughter. 

Wil Wheaton reflects on awkwardly being Wesley Crusher on The Enterprise on Star Trek:TNG. 

Britain wants you to know their culture before they grant citizenship. Monty Python included.

The Evil Dead remake wins a NC-17 rating and is not really feeling it. Um. Why not?

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