FRESH POP - 1/29/13

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Today: Bieber Touches Booby, Robot Fight Club, Courtney Love Does Jay Z, Game Of Political Thrones, Kings Minecraft Landing, Max's Zombie Survival Kit, X-Men Movies and Time Travel, Youtubes to become Paytubes, Super Trailerbowl and MORE!!!

It Seems I was not alone yesterday, in thinking Giamatti is an uneven choice to play Rhino in the next Spider-Man movie. On a lark, i09.com offered up similarly odd casting options.

Youtube will start to offer Paid Subcription Channels sooner or later, but it might not be that bad.

The Superbowl will show new movie trailers for: World War Z - Star Trek Into Darkness - Oz: The Great and Powerful - The Lone Ranger - Iron Man 3, (maybe more) during the game or the pre-game shows.

The next X-Men movie, based on the classic comic run "Days Of Future Past", required a sit down with a well versed Time Travel Expert. James Cameron.

Max Brooks, author of World War Z discusses what's in a good Zombie Survival Kit.

Fictional-ness aside, Catelyn Stark has been suggested for Secretary Of State by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Game Of Thrones locale, Kings Landing recreated in Minecraft because why not?

Robot Combat League is a real thing and it's coming to Syfy. Take a look at the contenders!

Courtney Love covers Jay Z's "99 Problems". I'm sure people are going to have some problems.

Justin Bieber groped a girl... and there's photographic proof.

How to Internet, with successfulness!

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