FRESH POP - 1/30/13

Welcome to our daily rundown of Pop Culturey News web links. From the geeky to the cheeky, from insane to mundane, foolish to cool-ish, we're serving it up fresh, just for you...

Today: Superman and Wonder Woman Getting Busy, Bigger Entourage, Nabors is out, Waltzing at SNL, DC Comics is like WTF, Miley Cyrus turns Papp, Video Game Secrets Revealed, Spoliery Iron Man Rumors, Powerpuff Relaunch, Willow Out - Jay Z Still In Annie and MORE!!!

Willow Smith is out of the ANNIE remake - but Jay Z is still doing the music.

Some Video Game Secrets are so damn difficult it's amazing anyone discovered them at all.

Mini Cooper floods e-mail accounts and apologizes with wit.

Miley Cyrus turns her camera on a paparazzi and make a few good points while doing so.

DC Comics is getting all WTF in its books come April. No Foolin'.

Christoph Waltz, Tarantino's newsest favorite actor, Host's SNL in a couple weeks.

Are Superman and Wonder Woman... you know.... Boinking? ...Maybe.

An Entourage Movie is a go! Wut? Why? Listen, I liked the show but.... really? What could possibly happen to warrant a film that will likely be no more than a blown up, expanded episode?

A Brief Tale About POP. Soda pop. And Russians. And Nazis.

Jim Nabors comes out of the closet and gets married. Number of people surprised by his revelation: zero.

Has an Iron Man 3 rumor SPOILED an aspect of Marvel's "Phase Three" movie plan? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Powerpuff Girls get a makeover & relaunch.

Riptapparel is giving away 365 geeky t-shirts, one a day, for a year. Contest ends tomorrow! (Scroll down)

Okay people, that's all I got for you because I've squozen the web dry of all it's pop goodness, come back tomorrow for another crack-like fix! Previous installments of this column can be found using the label tag below!

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