FRESH POP - 1/31/13

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Today: World Of Filmcraft, Ford's Notes On Indiana Jones, How They Met An Ending, Iron Man 3 teases you, Superman Vs. The Law, Nintendo Won't Cheapen U,  LOTR Slots Counter-suit, Mad Max's Furious Roadster,  VIDEO - Lance Armstrong Performs CREEP and more!! 

Harrison Ford made script notes during the making of Indiana Jones and you can read them.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is looking to be a Bizarro version of Spider-Man 3.

Lord Of The Rings slot machines lawsuit is about, ironically, money. And getting more intense. 

The Wii U won't lower in price despite widespread rumors.

Superman has been in court. A lot lately. He's a quick rundown.

BTW, Superman was ruined a long time ago, don't blame the upcoming movie.

How I Met Your Mother will finally end and also something about finally telling us how he met our mother.

Mad Max: Fury Road is coming. Will the car be cooler than the movie? Here are two quick vids of the new version of his ride.

Iron Man 3 has released teases that everyone posted already. You probably saw them, if not we posted them to our Facebook page: Poster Here and a brief Trailer tease here.

World Of Warcraft has an official director, not Leeroy Jenkins,  so start leveling up your Deathtailor, or whatever.

Daniel Day Lewis doesn't fool around when it comes to acting. He'll put himself, family and friends at risk to nail a part. 

Lance Armstrong performs Radiohead's "CREEP":

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