MEANWHILE... (2/10/13)

While you were trying to decide if The Harlem Shake (or as I call it The Meth-Head Rave) should really be a thing, I was busy watching other videos and choosing better stuff than that for you.

THIS WEEK: Doctor Doctor, Maximus Guns, Jodie Starts A Thing, Cleverbot's Script, Dry Ice At Home, Obama-mon, Porny Sounds, Snail Love, Weather Kid and Taxidermy Showdown!

So many Doctors, so little time. It's a good thing Mario and Fafa made this video:

Lil' Maximus likes guns. AWWWWwww. Kids.

The Onion reports that Jodie Foster is either out or in, and the youth has taken a hold of her stance and run with it!

Cleverbot helped write a movie. Kinda. Sorta. Y'know if a computer program created to emulate a real chat could do that.

Kid does the weather and you can tell he's a big fan of.... weather forecasting.

Obama is a big fan of Pokemon. Oh you didn't know? Look:

Porn is a lot like any other movie biz. Here's a Foley artist showing his craft.

Snails. Slime coated romantics of nature. Here's some true facts about them!

Make your own damned dry ice. Why? I don't know. Just.... cause it's sorta easy?

A Taxidermy based competition show? Yes. No joke here, just weirdness.

Immortalized from Juniper Jones on Vimeo.

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