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Today: Stephen King's CELL gets called up!
Bieber's fans risk frozen hearts! Pilots are coming! NOOOOO, Farmville TV? These Guys Should'a Been Pokemon! Fond Farewell!

CELL is a Stephen King, zombie outbreak by way of technology story and it's found a new director, so maybe it's closer to being made now.

Biebers fans willing to get hypothermia for a chance to maybe get leftover standby tickets to see him on SNL.

12 creatures that realllly should have been pokemon.

Farmville is almost dead, which means it's time to make a TV show out of it!

Pilot season is heating at the networks(FOX, NBC, CBS, CW here's a list of shows that are being considered for next year!

Conan O'Brien plays video games and goofs endlessly when he does, this time HALO 4:

Announcement: Sorry Kids, but this is the last Fresh Pop! It's been fun, but in the world of pluses and minuses, something has to give and this little endeavor has run its course! From now on, I'll be posting these types of news links directly to the WT facebook page and the WT tumblr. I'll still pop by here to rant and do longer form stuff, but ultimately this was kind of.... an experiment and the results are in, I am not the father of your baby.

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