FRESH POP 2/7/13

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Today: Doom For The JLA movie! Kirk calls! Early Bird! Dead Tease! Chevy's N-Bombs! SimLearn!

Joe McHale was on Sterny-Dukes and talked about Chevy Chase abruptly quitting Community and dropping N-bombs. See a brief bit at the link.

The Justice League movie is still having trouble. They've scrapped the script. Unlike Marvel, the execs at Warner Bros have no idea what they want or what they're doing. Typical Hollywood. The Suits just muck it up by buying inferior scripts and then try to Hodge-podge ideas, and shoehorn fixes into it until it collapses. Oh well. At least over at FOX they put one guy in charge of it's comic properties to try and give them an overlord who "gets it", and he does. As evidenced when he dissects the JLA movie and it's issues.

SimCity Wants to you to learn stuff about cities and stuff.

Captain Kirk called DS9... or maybe it was William Shatner calling the International space Station.

Flipping the bird, in black and white.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday with pirate fashions!

I'm bored. And done. As always, previous installments of this column can be found using the label tag below!

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