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Today: Han and Boba - The Younger Years! Ghostbuster Ray Winston not good enough to be Ray Winston? The Jokes on Applebee's! Segal Teaches about School Shootings? The Horror staple that is now just horribly cliche! J.J. and Valve open up! Bruce: "Die? Hardly."

Yoda was first, now Han Solo and Boba Fett are officially set to get they're own movies, starring younger, cooler versions of themselves! Well that's the plan. With good reason to be nervous, not everyone is ecstatic about this. I'm mixed too. We'll see what happens. So who would be a good Young Solo? Anyone? Star Trek was very lucky to find a good, Young Kirk. Anyway, here's 5 things that shouldn't be in a solo Solo flick but we'll probably get.

The Ghostbusters cartoon. Remember that? Did Arsenio hall replace the real "Ray Winston", Ernie Hudson?

Applebee's is having a much, much worse week than you. From making the internet hate them to getting a visit from one of The Jokers flunkies, they just can't catch a break.

J.J. Abrams, famous movie and TV dude, and Valv, famous video game dudes, are gonna join up some dude-ish stuff that will make money and maybe entertain you.

Steven Segal will teach/train some local militia guys on how to handle School Shootings... Because that sounds ...good?

Smart Movie Characters often do dumb stuff. Here's six examples.

Bruce Willis says there will be a SIXTH Die Hard movie after this upcoming Father and Son McClane adventure. Grand kids with guns and badges maybe? Let see John say something pithy about dirty diapers. Who knows, so many ways this one could go. No link because I told you all there is about this. Someone asked. He said yes. Will he one day actually Die, Hard in one of these?

Scary Cliche. There was once a really cool idea. And like all cool ideas it got ran into the ground by lazy people. Horror movies are littered with them like any genre, here's a good look at one, how it started and what it's become.

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