FRESH POP - 2/5/13

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Today: Marvel found its Guardian of The Galaxy, Star Wars: Yoda Movie we may get, Comic sketch scamers, Fast And Furious 6 lonnnng trailer, This weeks Video Games, Football Is For Geeks and MORE!!

Marvel has picked Chris Platt to be Starlord, leader of The Guardians Of The Galaxy. Which will come with mixed reactions from some but it's better than Adam Sandler or Jim Carey, who to me were just too big for this and would have cost way too much money nor would have wanted to sign multi-picture deals. Besides, Pratt has proven to be able to do both comedy and action-drama, the others haven't.

Star Wars is developing into a force to be reckoned with (get it?) it seems. Official word has come from on high that there will indeed be side project solo movies being made along with the next trilogy. Rumors has it that Yoda will be the first to get his own movie with Boba Fett and others waiting their turn. I'd lay doubt on anything with Han, Luke or Lea because those actors are older now and why not do not do the "untold tales" of the characters younger days, so stick to CGI and masked ones thatt you can do that with. With Disney now in charge of both companies it's no wonder it sounds a bit like Marvel's movie approach.

Sports Geekdom is a thing. I've been saying it for years. I'll let someone else tell you why, using the Superbowl as a point reference.

Sketches by prominent comic book artists fetch a pretty penny. A few guys were making fakes and returned to the scene of the crimes... to do the right thing.

Back To The Future's 1980's cafe is a real thing now, because... there's no good reason, actually.

George R.R. Martin has landed a development deal at HBO.

The big games coming out this week:

Fast and Furious 6 has a longer faster, furiouser trailer than the one that played on Sunday:

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