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Today: VIDEO - The Future of Marvel Movies and Gamma Sized Hulk Rumor! Iron Man 3 extended ad, Elm Street House for sale, Thunderbirds are coming back, Walking Dead Teases, Free nationwide WiFi?, Cobra is Recruiting and a lil' MORE! 

Marvel always has big plans - and that always means big rumors. Now it's the big green kind. So first, to make sure you're up to speed here's Devin from Badass Digest to give you a rundown of Marvels official plans for "Phase Two"...

But It's this rumor, coming from El Mayimbe at Latino Review, that's got everyone in a tizzy. The Green Goliath known as the Hulk is poised for a big role to play as Marvel Movies head into "Phase Three" and some may consider this spoiler stuff concerning The Hulk and The Avengers 2 & 3, but if it holds up, the news will be everywhere anyway...

Iron Man 3 - preview, extended cut of the superbowl ad:

If you missed any other movie ads during the game, you can check'em here!

Ok enough of that, here's the news bits!

Horror buffs, The Elm Street house that was where all those Nightmares took place (and other movies) is up for sale!

Thunderbirds, the show that Team America styled itself after, is on a flight path to return.

The Walking Dead returns in just days! Whats ahead? Who's coming from the comic? Teases?

Spider-Man might web slinging a rather disgusting webbing.

Oreo the big winner of the Big SundayGame?

The FCC wants you to have WiFi anywhere you go. For free. Oddly, the ISP's don't like that idea.

Cobra wants YOU! Do you have what it takes? Watch the video below and then go to CobraSpecialForces.com  to sign up!

Whew! I'm spent! More tomorrow, ok? OK? As always, previous installments of this column can be found using the label tag below!

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