MEANWHILE... (1/3/13)

While you trying to remember who's playing in the big SundaySuperGame, and if you cared, all these videos popped up on the web for me to share with you! I do this every Sunday (weather permitting)!

THIS WEEK: Superman Lives, Pep Talk, JJ's Star Wars, Upside Downton Abbey, Competitive Video Gaming, Barbie Cafe and Gollum hates LOTR!

Superman Lives is the movie Tim Burton never made and it would have had Nic Cage in the lead role. Ugh lets be happy about that. But one man, a director of Adult Swim's Metalocalypse, kinda wishes it had been made and now he wants to make a documentary all about it:

The SuperGame is today, but that didn't stop these people from trying to look "in-the-know":


We all need a pep talk now and then. Who better than Kid President to deliver one?

JJ Abrams is making the next Star Wars movie, but his Star Trek movies have left an impression on people. So everyone is guessing/goofing about what his version of SW will look like. Here's an attempt to answer that:

Upside Downton Abbey continues Sesame Streets trend of taking shows little kids don't care about and spoofing them:

Andy Serkis channels Gollum about Lord Of The Rings:

Paperman is a very sweet Disney short that they just released onto the web after only playing in theaters.

Competitive Video Gaming and E-Sports - a closer look:

A Barbie Cafe opens in Taiwan and theres not a little kid in sight. Not surprised.

Not as awesome as usual this week kids, I know. But there's always past editions for you to check out at the Meanwhile tag below!

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