MEANWHILE... (3/10/13)

While you were trying to get a discount on jet pack insurance I was out there, trekking across the interwebs like a digital dwarf or a http hunting Hobbit or ...something. Regardless, I have returned and I have brought with me these treasures...

THIS WEEK: 16-bit Doctor Who, Breaking The Fourth Wall, A Sci-Fi Short, Don't Call Me Maybe, Checkpoint Refusal, Video Game Sex Lives, Prank Collection, 60 Second Matrix, Death Of Spider-Man, Booty Pillows, Mila Kunis' Best Chat, and Who's in the ATTIC?

You probably already saw this video of Mila Kunis turning the tables on her young, nervous interviewer. it quickly turns into one of the best film promo interviews ever:

Booty Pillows are real, no matter how fake this seems:

The Death Of Spider-Man is a 22-minute motion comic Fan Film based on the death of Spidey from Marvel's "Ultimate" line of comics, a book line where things are a little more real and the dead stay dead.

The Matrix in 60 seconds.

Hardcore Wake-Up Pranks:

The Sex Lives of Video Game Characters:

Refusing to answer at various American interstate "immigration" checkpoints.

Don't call. Just... don't.

Secret Attic Dweller. Look to the original vid description for more about WTF was going on here.

Look right at the camera and break down the fourth wall!

Docotor Who in a 16-bit adventure:

R'Ha - A sci-fi short film.

We are done here, OKAY? Move alnog, nothing left to see here folks. At least not today, but you can find previous editions of MEANWHILE at the red tag below!

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