Meanwhile... (3/3/13)

While you were lookin' at all kinds of cool stuff hidden around the web - I was too! And I found a bunch of fairly coterminous videos and other miscellanea. Am I using those words right? You decide.

This week: Quentin Pops Culture and a deep look at Pulp Fiction, WALKING DEAD 90's style, Taylor remixers, Star Wars is Airwolf, Meet Kenny Brooks, Baby Mothra,  Wonder Woman Fan-Flic and how to make a TASER SWORD!

This Wonder Woman fan film was also made as a "proof of Concept" project. It's well intentioned, a little rough and needs work but somebody spent a lil cash. I like the boots, I think?

Female Super Hero Fan Film from Jesse V. Johnson on Vimeo.

Attacus Atlas female Giant Moth. Because look at it. WTF?

Kenny Brooks - Door to door salesman. Aspiring comedian? The new King of the one liners!

The Star Wars Version of the opening to the '80's fabulous Airwolf.

There's a lot of these. Here's two of my faves:

Taser Sword?

The Walking Dead show opening - 1990's style is so weirdly right.

Every Pop Culture reference in (some) QT movies (excluding Django Unchained, Natural Born Killers and I didn't notice Dust 'Til Dawn)

Also check this recent piece from Vanity Fair, a great, in-depth look at the making of Pulp Fiction.

Ok the show is over. I'll do this again when I feel like it, but always on Sundays so you actually have something fun to on the weekend.

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